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Whether you’re seeking to learn what live dealer online casino are, looking for exclusive deals to sign up at Golden Nugget NJ  and Betfair Casino NJ and start playing live dealer games, or you’re just curious about how live dealers work on the internet, we hope to guide you toward the answers you’re looking for.

Live dealer games at Golden Nugget Casino NJ

New to Golden Nugget’s online live dealer games is Casino Hold’em, the first online live dealer poker game in the US.

The Live Dealer Hold’Em game is dealt from the same studio in Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City where the other NJ live dealer games are dealt. Live Dealer Hold’Em is offered daily from noon to 3 a.m. Like the other Live Dealer games, it can be played for real money only.

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Here are the details on Golden Nugget’s other online live dealer games:

 BlackjackRouletteBaccaratCasino Hold'Em
Number of Live Dealer Tables3111
Min Bet$10$1$1$1
Max Bet$1000$1000$200$250
Hands/Spins Per Hour (Approximate)504055NA
Worst Bet For PlayersThe Perfect Pairs side betA five-number bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3Betting on a tieHigh card
Golden Nugget Bonus CodeBONUSSEEKER For $10 FreeBONUSSEEKER For $10 FreeBONUSSEEKER For $10 FreeBONUSSEEKER For $10 Free

Live dealer games at Betfair NJ

Here is the breakdown of the recently-launched live dealer games at Betfair:

Number of Live Dealer Tables211
Min Bet$10$1$1
Max Bet$1000$1000$1000
Hands/Spins Per Hour (Approximate)504055
Best Bet For PlayersBet BehindSingle number betBanker bet
Betfair Bonus CodeNo Code NeededNo Code NeededNo Code Needed

What is a live dealer NJ online casino?

For the majority of the time that online gambling has been popular, there were two distinct ways for traditional casino games to be dealt:

  1. By a dealer at a physical casino
  2. By a random number generator (RNG) at an online casino

The first method is simple to understand – physical cards are dealt by real people to other real people.

The RNGs typically used online are quite a bit more complicated. A vastly simplified explanation is that a random number is generated by a server, and the number generated correlates to the cards which are to be virtually dealt to players on their computers and mobile devices. The card data is then sent via the internet to those devices by encrypted messages which cannot be easily interpreted – even by experts.

After online casinos were running for several years and internet speeds increased, a new option started to become available at online casinos in Europe: cameras are placed on real human dealers in actual casinos, and the real cards being dealt are then shown to players on the internet.

The video of the cards being shuffled and dealt is streamed in real-time. It’s just like you’re playing in a real casino, but you’re controlling your actions remotely.

Random number generators are 100% random, and the code that legal, regulated online casinos like the ones in New Jersey use are certified by regulators to be safe and fair. However, some people who are skeptical of random number generators determining the fate of their gambling bankroll feel better about knowing that their cards have been shuffled and dealt by a human being.

There are a few other noteworthy aspects of live dealer online casinos that we should note:

  • Because the cards are being dealt by humans and shuffled either by hand or by an automatic shuffler, hands take much longer than ones dealt automatically by an RNG. This can be viewed as a positive – the house does have an edge in almost all situations and you can lose at a slower pace. The slower pace may of course also be viewed as a negative by players who prefer to play a lot of hands.
  • The minimum bet is typically higher at live dealer tables than RNG tables. This is because the cost of running, as an example, a blackjack table if the cards are being dealt by a machine is far lower than the cost of paying the dealer and maintaining the space to house the tables.
  • Live dealer tables are more social. It’s more typical for players at the same table to chat, and the dealer can react to the events at the table.

As you can see, there are plenty of positives and negatives. The only way to know if live dealer online tables are for you is to try them out and compare the experience to more typical RNG-driven tables.

Are there any live dealer casino games in NJ?

Yes! there are currently two casinos that offer live dealer casino games. GoldenNuggetCasino.com and BetfairCasino.com.

The Golden Nugget launched live dealer tables for three casino games in August 2016. The games being supported are blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Betfair launched their live dealer games in May 2017 using the same studio in Golden Nugget in Atlantic City.

Live dealer games have been made possible due to a partnership between Ezugi and the Golden Nugget, and it’s helpful that the NJDGE has been extremely supportive of innovation in the marketplace.

It seems unlikely that other NJ online casinos will launch live dealer tables in the near future, but we’ll be sure to cover any developments on that front. For now, we’ll enjoy the live dealers at the Golden Nugget.