Join the Conversation and Take Live Dealer Gambling to the Next Level!

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This post is for anyone who enjoys playing in a casino not only for the opportunity to win, but also for the social experience. Playing online certainly offers the opportunity to win, but the social experience is usually completely lacking, with one exception–and you found it–Live Dealer Games.  However, in order to maximize your enjoyment of this special feature of Live Dealer Games and take your own play to the next level, you have to join the conversation!

Not sure how to go about it or what to “talk” about? Read on.

Difference Between Table Games and Slots

 If you’re a slot or video poker player, even when you go to a casino, your interaction with other players will probably be minimal. Possibly someone will sit next to you with whom you can strike up a conversation, but probably not. Most machine players prefer to focus on the game and are content to be left alone to do so without interruption. There is also no dealer. Unless you need to call an attendant–hopefully because you hit a jackpot and not because of a machine malfunction–you are strictly on your own.

But table games are a different story. It’s not only easy to mingle with the crowd and join the conversation with other players at your table and the dealer. It adds greatly to the fun and excitement.

Unfortunately, when you are playing online rather than in a brick and mortar casino, this option is no more possible in regular table games than it is with slots. Especially for players like you, who prefer table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, including the social experience that these games are capable of providing, limiting yourself to the regular versions of these games online can be a letdown. However, the Live Dealer versions of these games pick up the slack and turn your online playing session into far more fun than you ever imagined.

Ten Tips to Make it Easier to Join the Conversation in Live Dealer Games

If you are new to Live Dealer gambling, perhaps you are a bit intimidated. You want to join the conversation with the other players and dealer, but are at a loss for words. Don’t worry. Soon this aspect of your play will feel so natural you won’t even have to think about it. Here are some practical suggestions and important dos and don’ts to help you get started.

  • Know how to use the chat blog and start using it immediately.

You won’t be able to actually talk to the dealer or other players, like in a real casino. Instead, all                   communication takes place using your computer or smartphone to type and read messages in the               chat blog. So you need to know how this feature works. As soon as you are ready to enter the game,           the dealer will greet you, so you should reciprocate and say hello to the dealer and other players.                 Also provide your username or however you want to be addressed.

  •  Make sure you know all the rules and betting options.

Make sure from the outset that you know all the rules and betting options, and if you have any                   questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  • When starting play, ask an appropriate question to get a better feel for the flow of the game.

This advice may seem contrary to what is true from a statistical standpoint. It is recommended                   simply because inquiring whether whether the dealer has been hot or if the game has been streaky             is something many players do, so it will help you blend in. In baccarat and roulette, every outcome             is independent, and even in blackjack, where the order of cards is not random, consecutive wins                 and losses may or may not occur. There is no guarantee that a blackjack dealer who has been hot               will remain hot or that a dealer who has been breaking will continue to break. However, most players are convinced otherwise.

So if you’re playing blackjack or baccarat, go ahead and ask if the dealer, or in baccarat, “bank,” has           been hot. Then, if told that the players have been on a hot streak, a comment like “let’s keep it                     going” would be in order. Or if the reverse is true, your comment can be “let’s see what we can do to           change that.” If you’re playing roulette, ask what numbers or red or black or odd or even have been           hot. Then, if you decide to bet the same way, you can comment “Thanks, that’s good to know. Let’s             keep the streak going.”

Once again, whether you choose to follow any trends or buck them will not affect your probability of         winning. Your sole reason for asking is to break the ice and blend in at the table.

  • Root for the other players and congratulate them when they win.

Root for other players and congratulate them when they win a big bet, and they will do the same for           you. For example, if a player is doubling down on 11, your chat message can be “Picture!” Or, if                   you’re Asian or there are other Asian players at your table, substitute the word “Monkey!”

Then if the player wins, and on other occasions, too, like when the dealer busts or the player draws           the perfect card, make a comment like “nice card!” On the other hand, if the player loses, your                     comment might be  “Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes.” Either way, be supportive and, win           or lose, the player will appreciate the gesture and will most likely reciprocate the next time you are             doubling down, splitting a pair, or making a larger bet than usual.

  • If you are playing blackjack and are not sure about the correct way to play a particular hand, it is okay to ask.

Following the correct basic strategy won’t guarantee a winning session in blackjack, but if you want           to maximize your chances of winning, it is very important. So if you have any questions about how             to play your hand, ask. The players at Live Dealer blackjack players tend to be a friendly bunch, so             they will help you, if you ask, and so will the dealer. Be sure to thank them after receiving their                   help.

  • Don’t give other players advice on how to play unless they ask for it.

On the other hand, avoid giving unsolicited advice to other players. As tempted as you might be to             want to correct someone who is playing badly, that is not your responsibility and the player might             be annoyed. So let it go. The last thing you should do when you join the conversation is make any               comment that could make another player feel uncomfortable or detract from the conviviality of                   the table. Also, contrary to what many players believe, incorrect play by another player will not, in             the long run, have any bearing on your own outcome.

  • If you are losing, don’t blame the dealer or other players.

No one can win all the time, so only bet what you can afford and, if you lose, take your losses in                   stride. It is not the dealer’s or other players’ fault.

  • Ask questions about the restaurants and bars at Golden Nugget Atlantic City.

The dealers work out of a studio on the ground floor of the Golden Nugget Atlantic City, so clearly             they are well informed regarding this casino’s amenities. In addition, some of the players might be             frequent visitors to Golden Nugget Atlantic City. So Live Dealer tables are a great opportunity to                 get their recommendations on where to eat and drink while you are at the casino.

In fact, if there is anyone playing at the table you think you might want to get to know better, this is           your chance to up a mutually convenient day, time, and place to meet and enjoy each other’s                       company in a safe public environment.

  • Greet other new players and tell departing players you enjoyed having them at the table.

If any other players join the table after you, welcome them to the table and wish them good luck.               Tell those who leave before you that you enjoyed playing with them and hope to see them again.

  • End your session with a nice message, just as you would if playing a table game at a brick and mortar casino. 

When you’re ready to quite playing, rather than just up and leave without a word, be gracious and say how much you enjoyed playing and that you hope to see everyone there again soon.

By incorporating these 10 suggestions every time you sit down at a Live Dealer Game, not only will it be easy to join the conversation; you will love every minute of it.








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