Soon, Observers Will Be Able To Get On The Live Dealer Blackjack Action In New Jersey

Posted By Robert DellaFave on April 20, 2017

[toc]There’s been some big Live Dealer announcements of late. First and foremost, Betfair Casino will soon become the second NJ online casino site to offer Live Dealer games.

Also, a new wagering mechanism is being prepped for launch on both Betfair Casino and Golden Nugget Casino; one that should go down as nothing short of game changing.

And that’s the Bet Behind feature.

What is Bet Behind?

At its core, Bet Behind is a way to overcome the hard player cap on Live Dealer Blackjack games. Unlike Live Dealer Roulette and Live Dealer Baccarat tables, which can theoretically service an infinite number of players, Live Dealer Blackjack is generally restricted to a maximum of seven players per table.

That’s bad news for operators, who want to get the most bang for their buck out of their popular games. But it’s especially frustrating for players, as they’ll often find themselves waiting around for a seat to open up. Some may just find something else to do.

Bet Behind addresses both issues. This blackjack side bet works as follows:

  • Players waiting for one of the seven seats at the Live Dealer Blackjack tables can bet on other players’ hands while they’re waiting.
  • Main table players can also bet on other hands.
  • The Bet Behind player will follow the same playing decisions as the main player.
  • If the main table players double down or split their hand, the Bet Behind player will also double their bet.
  • Generally speaking, the Bet Behind side bet features a lower minimum wager than the minimum bet for the main game. There’s been some indicators that the Bet Behind minimum will be $5 on Golden Nugget Casino — the table minimum for the main game is currently $10.

From this, it’s pretty clear that Bet Behind will draw increased traffic to the Live Dealer Blackjack tables, as is will allow all observers to get in on the action, and also enable main game tables to hedge their bets.

Another pro is that it increases the camaraderie at the table, as observers will now have a vested interest in game outcomes. Now, when the dealer busts, main table players and watchers alike will have cause to celebrate.

What are the drawbacks of Bet Behind?

While the good vastly outweighs the bad, the Bet Behind feature is not without its drawbacks — or at least, drawback.

Notably, Bet Behind players won’t be able to make their own playing decisions. Now, this can be viewed as a positive for players new to the game, as it will afford them an opportunity to get in on the action while learning the rules.

However, it also means that Bet Behind players will have to risk wagering on players that may or may not adhere to basic strategy — most players don’t.

Unfortunately, even a few deviations from basic strategy can turn what is generally a pretty good blackjack game (~99.3 percent return), into one where the return is less than it is for American Roulette or slots (< 95 percent).

Our advice, watch a few rounds before choosing a player to wager on. If you don’t know basic strategy yourself, do a search on Google. Golden Nugget’s Live Dealer Blackjack game uses eight decks and the dealer hits on soft 17, so you’ll want to enter those parameters into your search.

Follow along with a basic strategy card and see if the player is making sound decisions, like the ones listed here. If they are, then it’s probably safe to put some action on them.

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