Betfair Casino In New Jersey Readying To Go “Live” With Live Dealer Games

Posted By Robert DellaFave on April 5, 2017

[toc]In relatively short order, Betfair Casino will become the second NJ online casino operator to offer Live Dealer games.

The casino will share a product with Golden Nugget Casino, currently the only site in New Jersey to offer the creative hybrid format, which juxtaposes heavy elements of live casino play with the conveniences afforded by gambling online.

Betfair and Golden Nugget both operate under the Golden Nugget AC online gambling license.

Two sites, one studio

Betfair Casino will not be launching its own Live Dealer studio. Instead, the operator will share the same studio, tables, and dealers with Golden Nugget Casino.

What this means, is that Betfair Casino players can and will be seated at the same table as Golden Nugget players.

It therefore goes without saying that the game rules and betting spreads will be in parallel between the two sites. Betfair’s Live Dealer games will also adhere to the same recently expanded hours as those found at the Golden Nugget, 3 p.m. – 3 a.m. seven days per week.

So will there be any differences? Just one to speak of: Golden Nugget Casino will retain one blackjack table specifically for its players. The other two will share liquidity, as will the site’s Live Dealer Roulette and Live Dealer Baccarat tables. .

Ultimately, sharing a product proves a shrewd move on the part of Betfair, as it allows it to get its Live Dealer games up and running quickly, and to fade the difficulties and costs related to starting a completely independent operation.

Solving the overpopulation problem

The beauty of Live Dealer Roulette and Baccarat tables is that one table can service many players. The same doesn’t hold true for blackjack, where there are a limited number of spots.

And with the popularity of Live Dealer Blackjack games on Golden Nugget Casino growing, finding a seat during prime time hours can be a frustrating ordeal. This problem will only be compounded with a second site in the mix.

Thankfully, Golden Nugget and Betfair Casino have concocted a innovative solution to this issue.

Both sites will soon be introducing the new Bet Behind feature.

As the name implies, this side bet will allow online players to bet on hands being played by players seated at the main game. What was once a game played by no more than seven players, can now theoretically service an infinite number of gamblers.

Bet Behind should prove an attractive option for players waiting for a seat. Not only that, but the Bet Behind site bet can also be utilized by players already seated, enabling them to effectively double their action.

The only potential drawback of the side bet is that the bet behind player must follow the same decisions as the main player. This is fine if the main players are adhering to a sound playing strategy, but less so if they are making questionable decisions.

The good news is that players can choose which players to bet on. Our advice: Observe the main table players first, and see which ones appear to bet according to basic strategy rules.

More expansion coming

Golden Nugget has taken an aggressive stance regarding its Live Dealer games. Since going live last August, the site has added a third blackjack table and extended the format’s running times on more than one occasion.

And from the looks of it, even more significant changes are afoot. This summer, both Golden Nugget and Betfair plan to add additional blackjack tables, an Automatic Live Roulette game that runs 24/7, and other game variants, possibly including:

  • Casino Hold’em
  • Super 6 Baccarat — currently only the Dragon Bonus variation is offered

Given the planned expansion and Betfair’s entry, there’s little denying that Live Dealer games have proven a popular online gambling vertical in New Jersey, and are one of the primary reasons why Golden Nugget AC continues to top the industry’s revenue charts.

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