Casino Floor Roulette Makes NJ Live Dealer Roulette Even More Fun!

Written By Barbara Nathan on April 26, 2018


Live Dealer Roulette is now more fun to play at Golden Nugget Online Casino NJ than ever. That’s because Golden Nugget Online Casino is now offering roulette fans yet another exciting way to play–Casino Floor Roulette!

The name says it all. If playing this game doesn’t make a person feel that he or she is right there in the thick of the action at an Atlantic City casino rather than at a desktop or smartphone miles away, nothing will. Casino Floor Roulette brings the full casino experience to you like no other game can because some of the people playing alongside you are actually at Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City!

About Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget is not only one of the top casinos in New Jersey, both online and offline, but a company known nationwide for its keen sense of what today’s customers are looking for in a casino. Golden Nugget also knows how to market itself aggressively, but the reason it works is the highly innovative approach that sets it apart, making other casinos wonder why they didn’t think of that idea themselves. In addition, Golden Nugget, even with all of its success, has never been a company prone to rest on its laurels. Instead it keeps striving to become bigger and better than ever.

Golden Nugget Atlantic City

When Landry, Inc., owner of other Golden Nugget properties in Nevada, Mississippi, and Louisiana, purchased the former Trump Marina and promised “Out with the Old, in with the Gold,” many people were skeptical. However, from the time Golden Nugget Atlantic City opened in May, 2011, the complete transformation from a once struggling property to the huge success it became and continues to be has been remarkable. Five years ago the property underwent another $150 million renovation, and the result is immediately visible to anyone who visits.

Golden Nugget Atlantic City not only offers players and visitors a large, modern, high energy casino with more than enough game variety to cater to anyone’s taste, but also a complete resort. World class restaurants like Chart House and Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse, Haven Nightclub, a luxury salon and spa, and the H20 poolside lounge are just a few of the outstanding amenities.

Golden Nugget Online Casino

As for Golden Nugget Online Casino, even though several other NJ online casinos had a few weeks head start in opening, once Golden Nugget Online Casino was up and running, it never looked back. It continues to lead all other NJ gambling websites in the number of games. When Golden Nugget Online Casino first opened, it offered 77 games. As of this writing, the total count is 531 games.

On August 16, 2016, became the first online casino in the country to offer Live Dealer games. What makes these games unique is that instead of simply having an electronic machine turn the wheel or deal the cards, through the magic of live streaming to your computer or smartphone, you are face to face with a real live dealer. All of the action takes place in real time, and you even have the opportunity to carry on a conversation with the dealer and other players. In that respect, it’s just like being in an actual brick and mortar casino, except that you are using the live chat function.

In May, 2017, Golden Nugget affiliated online casino added Live Dealer games to its platform, too. Currently, all of the following Live Dealer games are available at both casinos:

  • Live Dealer Roulette
  • L:ive Dealer Multi-View Roulette
  • Live Dealer Blackjack
  • Live Dealer Baccarat

In addition, in January, 2018, added Live Dealer Hold’Em as a new option. And since March 21, 2018, Golden Nugget Online Casino players can play its newest Live Dealer game and closest to real casino play yet–Casino Floor Roulette.

All of the Live Dealer games are a product of a partnership between Golden Nugget and the licensed and regulated Live Dealer games supplier Ezugi New Jersey.

What is Casino Floor Roulette and How is it Different from Other Online Roulette Games?

Golden Nugget Online Casino, the first legalized online casino in the country to offer live dealer games, is now the first online casino in the country to make it possible for online players to play at the same table as those at the actual casino. It’s just one more example of the wonders of 21st century technology.

A live feed from the ceiling  over one of the roulette tables at Golden Nugget Atlantic City allows you to log in to a casino game currently in progress and play it on your desktop or smartphone anytime you wish. Unlike other NJ Live Dealer games, you can access Casino Floor Roulette 24/7, seven days a week!

Online players are able to see the roulette table, wheel, and dealer. They can also see the backs of some of the Atlantic City casino players’ heads. However, nobody at the Atlantic City casino, including the dealer, can see any of the online players.

There’s Room at the Table for Any Number of Players

On the off chance that at the particular time you want to play, there aren’t any players at the same Golden Nugget Atlantic City roulette table, don’t worry. You can still play!

On the other hand, there may be times when the Atlantic City table is full, and many online players also want to get in on the action. No need to wait for another table to open up. Golden Nugget Online Casino only has one Casino Floor Roulette table, but that is all it needs because any number of people can play online!

Casino Floor Roulette House Edge

Unfortunately, Casino Floor Roulette, like regular Live Dealer Roulette and Multiview Live Dealer Roulette, comes only in the form of American Roulette, not the more favorable to the player European or French Roulette. With both a single and double zero on the wheel, you face a formidable 5.26% house edge. If you love roulette and the added fun and excitement of playing it with a live dealer, I don’t want to discourage you. However, if you play, limit your betting stake to what you can comfortably afford, and keep your playing sessions short.

Casino Floor Roulette Betting Limits

The minimum bet is $1. Depending on the type of bet, the maximum specialty bet varies. However, the maximum straight bet is $100, and the maximum outside bet is $2,000. In other words, Casino Floor Roulette offers a wide enough betting range to appeal to virtually any player.

The Bottom Line–Why You Will Probably Love Casino Floor Roulette

Casino Floor Roulette doesn’t offer the best odds in the house by any means, but it is still a great addition to the expanding Live Dealer lineup for online and mobile players.

First and foremost, more than any other game, you get all the convenience of online or mobile casino gambling together with the action and excitement of being in a real casino. Casino Floor Roulette offers you the opportunity to partake in an immersive experience like never before by delivering the sights and sounds of the casino directly to you without your having to travel anywhere.

Another great feature is that the fun is just a click away, 24/7




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