Are There Any Areas Where Golden Nugget’s Live Dealer Games Can Improve?

Written By Robert DellaFave on February 21, 2017

The Live Dealer games at Golden Nugget Casino in New Jersey have quite a bit going for them. The dealers are engaging, the live stream is generally of the uppermost quality, and the game options are plentiful.

So, it comes as little surprise that the format has helped propel Golden Nugget to the top of the industry’s online casino revenue charts.

But that’s not to say the casino’s nascent format isn’t without its shortcomings, as minor as they might be.

Here are some suggestions on how Golden Nugget can attract even more players to their product.

#1 – Improve the game odds

Let’s face it, the house makes most of its money from blackjack on deviations from basic strategy, not from rule downgrades (the blasphemous 6:5 payouts on blackjack withstanding).

It’s therefore slightly disheartening that Live Dealer Blackjack players are treated to an inferior rule set compared to some of Golden Nugget’s better digital blackjack games.

Forcing the dealer to stand on all 17’s would be a good start that players might appreciate. More so, allowing multiple splits (up to four hands) would attract action-craving players, of which there seems to be quite a few in NJ.

The presence of a double zero on the Live Dealer Roulette wheel also feels harsh, although more justifiable, as it mirrors the layout most commonly found at land-based casinos in Atlantic City.

Still, players can easily find single zero roulette from the Golden Nugget Casino lobby. So if they’re playing to maximize value, they’ll probably try their hand at a virtual terminal.

On a positive note, the return-to-player for Live Dealer Baccarat feels just about right.

#2 – More games, more hours

This is an area where Golden Nugget Casino is improving. The site has modestly extended the hours for its Live Dealer Games, and has increased the number of available blackjack tables.

Not to mention, earlier this month the operator released a statement hinting that there’s a new Live Dealer product in the pipeline; one that features a $5 (or less) minimum wager.

Whatever it is, even if its just a sidebet, players want it now. More ideally, Golden Nugget Casino will roll out a new game, bringing it one step closer to matching top European sites in regards to game selection.

As far as the hours, given the smallish size of the NJ online casino market, it may be unrealistic to expect a 24/7 rollout. But 10 hours a day on weekdays, and 12 – 18 weekdays seems like a reasonable expectation.

#3 – Targeted promotions

Where are the Live Dealer specific promotions?

Focused promotions are a top-notch means by which to drive traffic to a specific game format, and it’s one that Golden Nugget employs rather often for its digital slot games.

What we’d like to see is at least one promotion every month or two that’s targeted directly at Live Dealer players.

Whether it’s cash back on losses, a leaderboard promo, or a sweepstakes offer (this one would be interesting given the high probabilities of winning), Golden Nugget could conceivably attract a wider demographic to the format via the occasional Live Dealer event.

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