Here Are Some Live Dealer NJ Features Golden Nugget Casino Players May Not Even Know About

Written By Robert DellaFave on February 15, 2017

Most of the benefits of playing Live Dealer games at Golden Nugget Casino are apparent from the moment players first take a seat.

From the ability to see game outcomes unfold in real time, to the physical playing devices, and social atmosphere, Live Dealer games offer land-based players compelling reasons to try their luck online.

Other appealing elements are not as obvious. However, taken together these often overlooked details enhance the overall gaming experience.

In this column, we take a glance at some of the quality of life features that Golden Nugget Casino has incorporated into its Live Dealer format.

Live Dealer quality of life features

#1 – Quality settings

Let’s face it, not everyone has a lightning fast computer or the latest video card. Live Dealer games account for this by allowing players to adjust their quality settings.

On Golden Nugget Casino, the player can let the game automatically choose the quality setting, or can manually set it to either “Low” or “High”.

Also, should a player’s screen freeze for some reason — not a common occurrence — there is a refresh button located in the options area. Clicking this should resolve any freezes.

#2 – Statistics

Players love statistics. And although Live Dealer Roulette and  Baccarat are both games of independent trials, superstitious players are more inclined to play if they’re cognizant of prior outcomes.

Golden Nugget fulfilled these wishes in spades:

  • Baccarat players have access to a stock of archives, displayed in a variety of ways. There is even an option to display multiple road maps (Bead Road, Big Road etc.).
  • Roulette players can view how often individual numbers and areas/colors have hit recently.
  • Blackjack players can see an historical archive of a dealer’s hands, along with bust and blackjack percentages.

#3 – Game rules

Savvy gamblers want to know what they’re getting into, which is why having a detailed rule set handy is a safe bet.

Not only can players view the rules before they take a seat, but they can see the game’s return-to-player. The selective shopper will value this level of transparency.

#4 – Camera angle

This roulette only feature allows players to switch views. In normal view, players are provided a wheel of the dealer and the roulette wheel. Only problem being, the roulette wheel is at a slightly difficult to see angle.

Changing views eradicates this difficulty by providing players with an overhead shot of the wheel.

Note: To swap views, click on the icon in the game’s upper-left hand corner.

#5 – Full screen

For a truly immersive experience, players will want to select the full screen option.

Those with small monitors may also opt for this option, as it does enhance the size of the video feed by a sizable margin.

This, and most of the other quality of life features detailed can be accessed from the options menu in the lower hand portion of the Live Dealer game play area.

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