Live Dealer Or Digital? Which Golden Nugget Casino Games Are Best Suited For Me?

Written By Robert DellaFave on February 28, 2017

On the fence about whether to invest your hard-earned funds at the Golden Nugget’s digital or Live Dealer games? As yourself these three questions before you decide.

Fast-paced or steady?

To the action craving player, one of the primary draws of online table games at Golden Nugget Casino are the fast turnaround times between rounds. Thus, those who are accustomed to playing online games exclusively may find Live Dealer too plodding for their liking.

Admittedly, Live Dealer players see less blackjack and baccarat hands per hour than those who grind it out on the virtual felt. But it would be wrong to say Live Dealer games are as slow as their brick & mortar counterparts.

That’s because instead of measuring out chips, Live Dealer players can digitally select their wager. Also, payouts are handled automatically — no waiting for the roulette dealer to sweep away all the losing bets, and then determine what could amount to a dozen or more winning wagers.

Still, if you absolutely have to see 200 blackjack hands per hour, stick with the digital games. Just remember that the more hands you play, the greater the odds the house edge will catch up to you.

Solitary or communal?

Live Dealer games are a gambler’s dream for players who enjoy interacting with others at the table, yet prefer to do so from an environment that’s familiar to them.

Players can chat (via text) with both other players seated at the table and the dealer in real-time. This level of social interaction simply cannot be found at the digital tables, where players gamble mano-a-mano against the computer.

Now, some may prefer to gamble alone, especially blackjack players who prefer creating their own destiny. But even this player archetype may want a change of pace sometimes.

At Golden Nugget Casino, there is nothing stopping players from hopping around from digital to Live Dealer formats and vice versa.

Budget gambler or bigger bets?

Live Dealer players may see fewer hands, but the minimum wager size is larger. This is especially true for Live Dealer Blackjack players, who won’t be able to see a hand for less than $10.

However, for other games the disparity might not be as big as players imagine. For instance, the minimum wager for Live Dealer Roulette and Baccarat is just $1. Digital baccarat players won’t be able to find a better price than that, and the difference for digital roulette games is nominal.

On the other hand, digital blackjack players can find games for as cheap as $0.10 a hand. For budget players, that’s just impossible to beat.

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