The Holiday Season is a Great Time to be Playing Live Dealer Games

Written By Barbara Nathan on December 19, 2018

During the holiday season it seems there’s never enough time to finish shopping, decorating, sending cards, and doing all the other things on our must do list, let alone take time out for ourselves. But too much stress detracts from the magic of the season. That’s why doing something else, not because you have to, but simply because it’s relaxing and enjoyable, is equally important.

If you’re a NJ Online Casino player, a temporary respite from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, like playing your favorite online games, but especially Live Dealer games, can do wonders for your morale.

The December holiday season is the perfect time of year to be playing Live Dealer games. If you’re already playing, you know what I’m talking about. If not, I recommend that you give them a try.

Why Live Dealer Games Are the Perfect Holiday Season Choice

If traveling to a sunny tropical island or other coveted destination were an option, you would have already done it by now. But if you’re reading this post on the Live Dealer NJ website, here you are in wintry New Jersey, so you might as well make the best of it.

On those days when the weather outside is frightful, household chores are beckoning, company is coming later, or you’re stuck in the house for any other reason, cheer up. The house is warm, there’s food in the fridge, and every time you turn on the TV, you’re surrounded by the joyful sounds and sights of the holiday season.

Still, something might be missing, and that’s the opportunity to interact with others who are outside your immediate circle. Because you have no personal ties or obligations towards these people, you are under no pressure. You can simply relax and have fun. That’s exactly what Live Dealer games give you.

Here are some of the many ways playing Live Dealer games can make your holiday season more jolly.

Play where you want, when you want

Live Dealer tables are open not quite 24 hours a day, but close to it. Also, no need to travel to a casino in Atlantic City or to any other brick and mortar casino, if it’s not convenient. You can play your favorite Live Dealer games to your heart’s content from the comfort of your own home or, if you prefer, on  most currently used mobile devices, anywhere in New Jersey.

Short on money? No problem

Live Dealer games have lower table minimums than the same games in a real casino. In fact. if you’re looking for a table game at an Atlantic City casino on a weekend or holiday, you will have a very hard time finding one with less than a $25 minimum. There may be a couple of $15 minimum tables, but much more likely than not, they will be full and you’ll have a long wait for a seat.

The holiday season can leave many people more strapped for cash than usual. So the last thing you should be doing is overextending your budget playing for stakes you can’t afford.

However, with Live Dealer games, you won’t have that problem. You can pick a bet size that suits you and be seated immediately. And for those of you who are high stakes players, there’s a Live Dealer table waiting for you anytime you want one, too.

No one should be alone for the holidays, and you won’t be at a Live Dealer table

There are many other games you can play online or on your mobile device. But virtually all of them are solitary pursuits. It’s just you against the machine with no human interaction.

However, Live Dealer games give you the opportunity to enjoy the same type of social interaction that, if you could, you would go to a regular casino to experience.

The only difference is that you, the other players, and the dealer are using the live chat window rather than talking.

Six Great Holiday Season Topics to Get the Live Dealer Table Conversation Rolling

If another player at the table takes the initiative, great, but if not, pick any of the following topics to start a conversation yourself. There’s a good chance everyone at the table, including the dealer, will be eager to join in and keep the conversation going.

  1. Where you or other players will be traveling or any other special holiday plans you have, including shows, concerts, or other entertainment
  2. If someone at the table will be going to a city or country you’ve been before or seeing a show you already saw and liked, you can share your experience.
  3. Or, if it’s you who will be traveling someplace you’ve never been to before, maybe you can get a few helpful tips from other players.
  4. Get ideas for gifts for hard to shop for people on your Christmas list.
  5. Get restaurant recommendations for Christmas, New Year’s, and other special occasions.
  6. Have a conversation about the upcoming college Bowl games, NFL playoffs, or which team you think will win the Super Bowl.

You get the idea. There are plenty of light holiday season appropriate topics that can be used to start a conversation or keep it going that can make playing Live Dealer games this time of year even more enjoyable.

The Bottom Line

Yes, this is the season for giving, but that does not exclude giving yourself some holiday cheer, too. So check your cares and worries at the door. Take a little time out from your hectic schedule and going overboard every day to please friends and loved ones and treat yourself to an affordable but exciting activity you know you will enjoy. Play Live Dealer games often this holiday season. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy Holidays!






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